Historical and Sporting Vehicles Show

In 2014 we carried out the first Historic and Sports Cars exhibition. Because of the number of vehicles in display, Leiria’s citizens passion for Historic and Sports vehicles and the will to increase both the areas and the themes of this event, emphasising the sports component, in 2015 the event was renamed Leiria Sobre Rodas. This event reflects our passion for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, sports and for the automobile industry.

The main space of the event is still the Vehicle Exhibition, having each year more than 400 classic and spots cars. We emphasize, in previous editions, the presence of the Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing, more than 50 vehicles from the 1910´s, 1920’s, 1930’s and the 1940’s – two from 1909 one Hotchkiss and a Ford T, one area with Super Sports Cars – the Porsche Carrera GT, the Ford GT, the Lamborghini Aventador, the Mclaren Mp4-12c and the Aston Martin GT12 (with only a total of 20 models made). At the exhibition we focus the celebration of the 60 years of the FIAT500, the 85th anniversary of the FORD in Portugal and the 25 years of the VW Ar Clube de Portugal.

Clubs and other Organizing Entities also have their free exhibition space.

This year’s main theme will be announced soon, we emphasize the 6th edition of the Passeio de Clássicos that will take place the 15th of September in Leiria’s streets.


Organization: Municipality of Leiria
Secretariat: Divisão Desenvolvimento Económico | 244 839 676 | leiriasobrerodas@cm-leiria.pt
Location: Municipal Stadium – Leiria - Portugal
Delivery of Vehicles: the 9th and 10th of September from 9H to 20H; the 11th of September from 09H to 14H;
Time of the Event: the 12th of September from 18H to 23H; the 13th of September from 15H to 24H; the 14th of September from 10H to 01H; the 15th of September from 10H to 19H;
Colletion of Vehicles: the 15th of September from 20H to 24H; the 16th of September from 09H to 18H;
Closing Dates: Time limit to presente the Application for car and motorcycle exhibition – the 3rd.of September. The Organization will confirm, by e-mail or by letter until the 7th of September.


1. Admission conditions: May participate both singular and collective exhibitors since the vehicles are according to item “Vehicle to Display”;

2. Registration: The Registration Form to exhibit your vehicle is an application therefore you must wait until you receive our confirmation, which will be sent by e-mail or by letter. This confirmation is essential because of the limited exhibition space available and also due to the vehicles characteristics (models, year of production, historical interest of the vehicle according to the themes we will address in 2018’s edition).

3. Accreditation | Reception:

  • Must be done at the Secretariat (NERLEI’s parking lot next to the stadium’s access roundabout), during the period defined for the mounting of the event;
  • Vehicles must wait for instructions for the accreditation, at the access way to the stadium. Participants must carry all the information which confirms their registration on the event;
  • At this moment the participant will be informed about his exhibition place;
  • Organization will issue 2 free passes, which are personal and untransferable, one for the participant and the other for his assistant, valid only during the timetable of the event;
  • Parking and displacement of the vehicle will always be accompanied by a member of the Organization, whose instructions must be strictly followed.

4. Exhibition Location: The exhibition location assigned is the exclusive competence of the Organization. This information will be transmitted to the participant at the moment of his accreditation;

5. Insurance: Is the owner’s entire responsibility;

6. Security: The organization guarantees the security service during the period of the LEIRIA SOBRE RODAS.


Entity Data | Exhibitor

Vehicle Identification

Sell Your Classic

Rate | € 25,00 Rate | € 15,00

Tour Day 23 September

METHOD OF PAYMENT [Applicable to the "Sell Your Classic" option]

Bank transfer in favor of: Teatro José Lúcio da Silva Bank CAIXA GERAL DEPÓSITOS
IBAN PT50 0035 2044 00043955330 02
Note: The registration is only valid upon payment of the initial value and submission of the respective proof