Would you like to have your own commercial space at the LEIRIA SOBRE RODAS in 2019? We have various areas in order to cover all kinds of publics. We work with you in order to guarantee and maximize your experience so that you will help us to increase the visibility of the event.

Contact us and we will discuss all options available at the event. We will be very happy to help you.


Organizaçtion: Municipality of Leiria | Teatro José Lúcio da Silva

Secretariado: Teatro José Lúcio da Silva | 244 845 627 |
Division Economic Development | 244 845 627 |

Local: Municipal Stadium – Leiria - Portugal


1. Registraion:

  • 1.1. Registration is essential according to the Registration Forms;
  • 1.2. Registration deadline may be bring forward in case all commercial spaces available are occupied;
  • 1.3. In case there are no more commercial spaces available all registrations received afterward will also be considered and put in a waiting list according to its registration date; 
  • 1.4. All registrations in the event LEIRIA SOBRE RODAS (LSR) will be previously confirmed by e-mail or letter;
  • 1.5. After registration deadline, it won’t be possible to refund in case of participation withdrawal.

2. The event will have the following areas: two exhibition spaces for cars and motorcycles (historical, military and sports), Car Brands and Clubs: one outside (running track and stadium lawn) and another inside (building Top North) and a third one inside (technical Park), a space mainly destined to commercialise car and motorcycle parts, old cars professional exhibitors as well as for Clubs and for the Organization. We will provide the exterior park for clubs which may be interested in bringing their associates.

  • 2.1. LEIRIA SOBRE RODAS is an event dedicated to historical vehicles – Old Vehicle Theme - therefore the Organization won’t allow other non authorized exhibition contents. 

3. Exhibition Spaces:

  • 3.1. This space consists of a 9 or 18 square meters tent/stand, including if necessary an electrical panel, furniture and signposting, all being the sole responsibility of the participant. In some cases it may include enough area for 2 vehicles; 
  • 3.2. Test-Drive spaces – are located in the access way to the main entrance of the event, with 200 square meters (10x20) for exhibitions and test –drives;
  • 3.3. Due to the technical features of the compound all information must be previously coordinated with the Organization.

4. Exhibition Spaces Functioning:

  • 4.1. The Stand must remain open to visitors during all opening hours of the event and always assisted by someone from the responsibility of the exhibitor;
  • 4.2. Exhibitors must authorise the Organization to use all images and/or films obtained during the event for future use in books, magazines, posters, displays, outdoors and other media. With no limit of time, territory, number of copies, means of reproduction or means of exhibition;
  • 4.3. The cleaning of the space is the full responsibility of the exhibitor and must be carried every day before the opening of the event. The waste must be deposited in the containers along the compound;
  • The cleaning of the space is the full responsibility of the exhibitor and must be carried every day before the opening of the event. The waste must be deposited in the containers along the compound;
  • 4.4. Exhibitors may not claim for damages if any unpredictable situation occurs which prevent the event from happening, delays it or alters its schedule.

5. Acreditation | Reception:

  • 5.1. Must be performed at the Secretariat (NERLEI’s parking lot close to the roundabout access to the Stadium), or at the exhibition spaces according to the timetable previously defined for the mounting of the event;

NOTE: (Exhibitors) Without both the accreditation and the authorization for installation won’t be allowed the access to each space;

  • 5.2. Vehicles must wait for indication of accreditation, at the access way to the Stadium next to the NERLEI building | North Top. Exhibitors must have all the necessary information that confirms their registration in the event;
  • 5.3. Only now the exhibitor is informed about his exhibition space;
  • 5.4. The Organization will issue 2 free passes, which are personal and untransferable and free of charge, one for the exhibitor and the other for his assistant, valid for the all period of the event, within the limit of 10 for each stand [LEIRIA EXPO AUTO] and 2 for each exhibitor [Automobilia];
  • 5.5. The Organization will provide tickets for the exhibitors at 2€ each to be purchased till the 11th of September;
  • 5.6. The moving and parking of the vehicle is always supervised by a member of the Organization and the exhibitor must follow all orientations.

6. Parking

  • 6.1. Leiria Sobre Rodas has proper parking places for the exhibitor’s service cars and for visitors classical vehicles;
  • 6.2. The use of the Parking Pass given to registered exhibitors is required whenever the space is being used, according to the rules defined by the Organization.
  • 6.3. 
  • The Parking Pass will be given according to the following criteria:


1 Parking Pass


Leiria Expo Auto

2 Parking Pass/Spaces

10 Test-Drive/exterior space

Historic Vehicles Show

1 Parking Pass

Giving to Classic Vehicles and to Super Sports Vehicles which visit the event.

The Parking Pass must be displayed at the windshield of the car.

7. Insurance: Is the Exhibitor’s entire responsibility.

8. Security: The Organization guarantees the security service of the compound during the all period of the LEIRIA SOBRE RODAS including in its closing periods. Organization won’t be held responsible for any disappearance or damage in the exhibited vehicles.